The Robot in 3 Days Challenge!

Robot in 3 Days is back and we’re bigger and better than ever for 2014! With more of the action, more of the excitement and more of the action! This year 3 teams will compete to build a robot to play the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition game in just 72 hours. The teams are:

From the Midwest, Team AndyMark will be lead by Andy Baker and Mark Koors of AndyMark Inc. From the Northeast, Team Boom Done will be captained by Joe Johnson of legendary team Chief Delphi 47 fame leading a team of talented engineers. From the Southeast, Team Ri3d 1.0 will be captained by none other than Cute Baby.

But this aint no kiddy stuff.. The teams will be competing for the “Cute Baby Cup” (name pending) to see who built the best robot. Team’s will be judged on 3 categories:

  • Viral Outreach: The number of video views, tweets and followers they attract.
  • Viewer Votes: Vote for your favorite, for whatever reason you want. Best robot, most effective use of a falafel, or bribery… Literally anything goes.
  • Judged Panel: A panel of professional judges ( to be named later ) will review the designs and decide on their choice as winner.


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