The GreenHorns Join the Field

The GreenHorns are excited to join Ri3D this year! Here is a little background information on our team:

We are primarily made up of college students from Bison Robotics, a club at North Dakota State University. The remaining members of our team are CIS 4607 alumni. Our livestream and video updates will be done by members of 3276 Toolcats. 

Most of us are freshmen or sophomores in college and have limited FRC experience. However, all of us are enthusiastic about robotics, FIRST in particular. We aim to give back to the FRC community by providing mass mentorship throughout our endeavor. Also, by engaging in this activity, we hope to grow individually as engineers while having fun in the process. 

We would like to thank all of the Ri3D sponsors for making this possible: AndyMark, 221 Robotic Systems, Rev Robotics, Modulus, and Competition Robot Parts. We would also like to thank our personal sponsors: 3276 Toolcats, Liberty Paper, Becker High School, and especially CIS 4607.

You can keep up with us at the following links:

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