Team Indiana Strategy

We will be primarily manipulating the totes.  Our strategy is to target the totes because they are the most readily available game piece. We also have had experience manipulating totes in the past (Stack Attack).  We chose this because we are going for the minimum competitive concept (something that most teams should be able to accomplish).

Our number one priority is to pick the totes up off the floor.  While this is our number one design strategy, it is not our primary gameplay strategy. From a gameplay strategy standpoint, we see that human-loaded totes will be able to be scored more consistently but it is more constraining design-wise to pick up off of the floor.

We would prefer to score on the right side since it’s a shorter distance to go from the right human player zone to the closest scoring bump. We will aim to hold on to six totes and score them as a stack. Since we would only have 30 in the human player zone, we will be able to make five stacks.

Our second priority  is to, in teleop, take the three yellow totes and put them on the step then our alliance partners/opponents will have to place one tote either on bottom or on top.

Our third priority is Autonomous.  We plan to target the three yellow totes, move to the auto zone, and make a stacked set.

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Keep Calm and Robot On!

<3 TeamIndiana

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