Team Indiana Prototyping

IMG_2430Our initial concept for manipulating the totes was to bring them into the robot and then stack them up by adding additional totes to the bottom of our stack.

Using roller wheels coated in tread and a bottom roller to pop the boxes up onto the robot, we pulled the totes into the bot successfully.

Next we built a wood frame that fit around the totes.  Attached to this are bent polycarb teeth that snap over the lip of the tote and close under the tote’s lip to lift it.  We decided to make these teeth static to avoid complicating the robot and adding more mechanisms.  The totes would be human loaded into the robot, but this static gripper would also allow for picking up right-side up totes.

This post was going to have pictures but wordpress decided that it hated me so you’ll just have to watch the video here

(No rage-flipping the table required)

Keep Calm and Robot On

<3 TeamIndiana


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