Team Boom Done: Mechanical CAD, Bill of Materials, and Capabilities

A picture of the Boom Done CAD assembly

A picture of the original Boom Done CAD assembly


An updated view of the CAD of our robot.

An updated view of the robot CAD.

We’ve finished cleaning up our mechanical CAD! Just follow the link to the left.

All of the parts that we used can be found in our Bill of Materials. Yesterday, we released a partial electrical engineering BoM, but today we’re publishing the full BoM for mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. You can find it here!

Finally, there have been questions about how the robot works. To help answer them, we’ve put together a capabilities document, which goes through the theory of operation of all of our mechanisms, electronics, and software.

Thank you for following our crazy Robot in Three Days journey! There are more posts to come. Please remember to vote for your favorite team, and be sure to check out all of the new videos and content coming your way on the Ri3D channel.

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