Robot in 3 Days 2017

Robot in 3 Days is proud to be back for our fifth year and we are again growing our ranks of robot builders. This year we have 11 teams competing against the clock to build a robot in 72 hours.

We are continuing the trend of mixing professional, college and community based teams. We are excited by the impact our teams are having in their areas through sharing, mentoring and partnering with local FRC and FTC teams. Impacts such as the sharing of resources with underprivileged teams or letting incoming rookies use Ri3D bots at off season events.

We are also making a few changes for 2017. With the 11 teams we felt it may be better to create longer episodes compiling many of the builds and discussing each teams strategies. This is a recipe that we are still perfecting but we are striving to drive quality of content over quantity. Robot reveals will continue to be stand alone videos and be released as they are available throughout the first week.

Teams will be using the Ri3D Blog, Twitter and Facebook so make sure to follow and subscribe to get frequent updates.

We are also continuing the twist in the “build rules” in which teams may choose to build more game function prototypes in place of finishing an actual bot. This will allow teams to cover more ideas and game angles and hopefully have a more diverse showing. As was with last year we really have no idea if this will actually happen as some games need a complete robot to demonstrate the ideas… But maybe it will?

The 2017 teams are:

Ri3D 1.0
Team Indiana
Team oRyon
Snow Problem
Team Redacted
Team Tesla
The GreenHorns
Week 6
Zou Keepers
Team National Instruments

Follow the action here:


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