Ri3D Challenge Complete – Vote Now!

I can’t believe we made it! The 72 hours is now complete and all 4 robot reveal videos are now posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Remember, 3 Day robots are about inspiration not information. Take what you can from our Robots, learn from them and go forth and do better! After seeing what we could do in 3 days I can’t wait to see you can do in 6 weeks.

Voting is active now!

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We’ll have our judging panel via Google Hangout on Wednesday, January 8th at 8pm. Tune in tomorrow to hear what our judges Benge Ambrogi, Vincent Wilczynski, Dave Verbrugge, Andy Grady and Jessica Boucher think.

Reveal video views, votes and judges scores will be summed and the winner will be announced Saturday at 8pm!

Thanks for watching, this has been a lot of fun!


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