Ri3D 2014: And the winner is!!!


Congratulations to Team Boom Done!

Their effort to inspire a community was second to none. Their fearless leader Dr. Joe Johnson pressed on and converted a number of FRC rookies into lean mean competition robot building machines. Their robot demonstrated unique functionality that ultimately won them the prize. They were recognized for their use of sensors, a custom Arduino board and possibly the most appropriately named mechanism in FRC history, El Toro. Dr. Joe was no stranger to FIRSTers but we think his YouTube debut demonstrated why he is someone to be known and a force to be reckoned with.

Congratulations to the other competitors. Team O-RYON kept the total close, only loosing the winning margin in voting down the stretch. They demonstrated technical prowess despite only having a week to prepare for the build. They filled in admirably when Team AndyMark had to discontinue their build due to a severe blizzard.

We are proud of what the teams have achieved this year, and the creators of Robot in 3 Days at iR3 Creative believe it can grow to be much more. We are excited by the mission of FIRST, STEM education and in inspiring the next generation of engineers, scientists and mathematicians just like we were inspired so many years ago.

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