Ri3D 1.0 Winch, Shift-To-Neutral, Ratcheting GearBox CAD (UPDATED!)

This is update 1 of the CAD development of our Winch Gearbox. There are a few missing details, namely the screw for the dog shifter and the 3/8″ ratcheting wrench on the cluster shaft. I’ll attempt to model a wrench soon. There are additional spacers that can be removed depending on the width of the wrench you decide to use in this application.

This is also a slightly different version than the one we are using. I attempted to create this version from fully off the shelf parts. The only custom part is the Shaft which AndyMark will be carrying in about a week. The rest is standard Modulox or AndyMark shifter components. I’ll also create a CAD tutorial on how this goes together.

Also note, on the shifter side, a bearing block has been used with the thread holes drilled out for clearance.


Modulox Lunchbox QTY 1
32 tooth flex hub gear
Modulox Bearing Block QTY 1
12 Tooth CIM Pinion Gear QTY 1
AM Shifter Block Assembly QTY 1
AM Dog Gear QTY 1
AM 48T Shifter Gear QTY 1
3/8″ Ratcheting GearWrench
Compression Spring: McMaster Part # 9657K273
Modulox Shifter Shaft (Link TBD)

3/8″ id, 1-1/8 od, flanged ball bearing

1/2″ id Flanged, Shielded Ball Bearing

3/8″ id 1.125 od ball bearing

/Edit Added Rev 2 with a wrench and some additional hardware. I would suggest confirming your ratchet wrench’s dimensions before utilizing this configuration.

Download the Rev_2 step file here (Right Click – Save As )

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