Ri3D 1.0 Roller Intake CAD



ri3d1.0 roller intake


Attached is the 75% CAD for the Team Ri3D 1.0 Roller Intake CAD. The fabrication is primarily off the shelf parts, with only 2 custom pieces. An angle bracket that reinforces the shaft’s center support and a C-Channel bracket that helps box the structure. The pneumatic pistons are 8″ cylinders and are reinforced on both sides of the fastener to the rail via 4 cim motor blocks but any material could be used here as a doubler plate. I’ll upload a more complete CAD files soon.

The CAD is currently missing some hardware, fasteners and chain, but the bones are there. 2014 FRC Roller Intake Download Here (Right Click Save As)

The primary components of this mechanism are as follows:

Modulox Channel
.5″ Hex Bore Flex Hubs
Flex Hub Flange
10mm Keyed Flex Hub
Flex Hub 25 Chain Sprockets
Hex Bearings
Hex Shaft Collars
6″ FRC Tread Wheel
4″ FRC Kit Wheel
.5″ Hex Stock
PG 27 Gear Motor

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