Progress Update: Sunday Night

We have officially just passed the “half way” marker as we hit midnight going into Monday. Tuesday is rapidly approaching, so lets talk about where we are now as we head to bed for a few hours.

We have been doing our best to answer questions in the live stream chat as we go and test things as we are able to based on requests coming in. If you haven’t yet, you should check out our YouTube channel. There is a lot of information (and fun) in the videos showing our progress and some helpful hints as you start your design progress.


  • Drive train/chassis assembly (Modulox trimmed down to ~34″ to allow a 21.5″ wide frame and fit the circumference rules, currently tank drive but we will also be testing with mecanum drive)
  • Shooter assembly (AndyMark 8″ pneumatic tires provided the best grip and consistency in shooting in our tests, also after receiving many requests about how frisbees fly when placed in upright vs upside down we did tests and there’s a wealth of info in this video. Also, you can see our first prototype and second prototype with some good commentary on two very different shooter types. We ultimately went with the linear shooter due to space limitations though both systems offered consistent launches)
  • Frisbee indexing assembly (Channel at 30 degree angle with 2 wheel system to receive frisbees from feeder station and supply one disc at a time to the shooter assembly, we are not planning to pick up from the floor due to time constraints)

In Process

  • Drive train/shooter/indexer integration (we’ve positioned the parts in the way we want them and begun finalizing things to make sure the indexer properly feeds the shooter and will be welding things together soon, our next video will also detail the way the indexer and shooter work together and lessons we’ve learned on the way)
  • Electronics (chassis electronics have been laid out and mounted to base and wires run to drive train motors)

Next Up

  • Lifting mechanism (once we finish the final shooter system, we will begin our prototyping for the lifting mechanism, we have ideas for both designs that can fit in the space between the indexer and shooter on the front side of the bot and ones above the indexer to the back of the bot, we are waiting on part of the triangle to arrive for testing. Note: Our goal is to lift off the ground on the lower bar but not climb to the top due to time constraints, however we do intend to try to develop a system that can act as a base for teams to use and expand on to get to higher levels)

Goodnight, everyone! See you all in a few hours. Thank you all for the positive feedback and keep on sending in questions, it’s incredibly exciting to hear some of the ideas teams are coming up with for their robots after following along with us. The main point of all of this is to help spark that creativity and help teams with less engineering support a way to think through their designs. Robot on, my friends… robot on!

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