Past Robot Inspiration 2: 2008 FRC1126

The next past robot inspiration comes from a team that I was able to personally work with. There are a few systems on the robot that could apply to this game to complete some major game elements including:

  • Assists
  • Passing
  • Catching
  • Truss Scoring
  • Low Goal Scoring
  • High Goal Scoring

FRC 1126

Game Challenge Year: 2008

Robot Name: “Tickling Scorpion”


  • Two arms that are able to be rotated about 180 degrees mechanically
  • “Hands”  with two “fingers”  are connected to arms. The “hands” open and close with small pneumatic cylinder
  • System able to “trap” and “herd” the ball along the ground and well as pick up and rotate the ball to the catapult


  • Original inspiration came from a broken shop stool
  • A pneumatic tubing group is attached near the pivot point of the catapult
  • A winch system pulls the catapult back into position
  • A small pneumatic cylinder attach to a lever locks the “charged” catapult into place
  • Catapult legs act as funnel to corral the ball into place




Good luck teams!

Matt Starke

A Mechanical Engineer turned Technology Teacher, Matt has been a part of FIRST since 2003. He has been a participant on numerous FIRST teams and loves to share his knowledge of robot designs and strategy. He currently runs FRC174, the Arctic Warriors, and FRC Designs, a database for FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) robot design ideas and solutions.

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