Team Ri3D 1.0

The most Dynamic TEAM ever assembled. We’ve even called in cute reinforcements…. More info coming soon…

Name: Andrew Rudolph

Occupation: Industrial Designer / Lighting Technician

Employer: Stage Equipment and Lighting

Nick: Rudy Roo

Years in FIRST: 14 years

Education: Bachelors in Industrial Design, Louisiana–Lafayette

Role: Ideation, Beautification, Make-ification

Cute Baby_ Resized

Name: Cute Toddler and Cute Baby 2.0

Occupation: Be Cute, Stay Cute

Employer: I’m 2.

Nick: Baby Cute

Years in FIRST: 2.5 years

Education: Fluent in ABCs, coloring mostly within the lines and beginning pre-calculus

Role: Mostly Be Cute, Help Stay Cute, Generally Cute it Up

Motto: Grow Hard, Cute Hard

(Picture pending approval)

Name: Kristen Richardson

Occupation: Certified Public Accountant

Employer: Currently professional mama to Cute Baby / Cute Baby’s agent.

Nick: Pending

Education: Bachelors in Accounting and Finance, Seeking Masters in Accounting

Years in FIRST: 8 years

Role: Administrative, financial, build


Name: Dan Richardson

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Employer: The Walt Disney Company

Nick: Dangerson

Education: Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, University of Central Florida

Years in FIRST: 13 years



Name: Robby Wallace

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Employer: iTEC

Nick: Ricky Robby

Education: Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, University of Central Florida

Years in FIRST: 11 years

Role: Build It, Fix It, Save It, Flex It, Upgrade It

Andrew Remmers

Name: Andrew Remmers

Occupation: Engineering Intern

Employer: Hernon Manufacturing

Nick: RemRem

Years in FIRST: 7 years

Education: Mechanical Engineering Student

Role: CAD, Pneumatics, and Crazy

Name: Jason Rudolph

Occupation: Show Video Producer

Employer: Mobius Productions

Nick: Pending

Years in FIRST: 14 years

Role: Video and show production, Chef extraordinaire


Name: Gabe Salas

Occupation: Gun manufacturing and

Employer: Diamondback CNC

Nick: Honest Gabe

Years in FIRST: 10 years

Education: Mechanical Engineering Student

Role: Social media, design, fabrication, build



Name: Barry Bonzack

Occupation: Engineering Planner and Financial Analyst

Employer: Lockheed Martin

Nick: Bone Zone or Umbrella Man

Years in FIRST: 12 years

Education: Bachelors in Finance, currently seeking MBA.

Role: Planning and organization, strategy, build.