Meet the Team – Ri3D 1.0 – Andrew Rudolph

What do you get when you combine a robot with a magician?

Andrew Rudolph is a man of many talents. When it comes to product development and creative concepting he’s the bee’s knees. When it comes to robot design, he’s the cat’s pajamas. Andrew is a member of the original robot in 3 days team and primarily serves in design, mechanical prototyping, creative and video production.

Andrew graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from Louisiana Lafayette in 2009. He specializes in conceptual product design, prototyping and graphics development. He makes it work and makes it look good while doing it. He currently works for Stage Equipment and Lighting providing support for the entertainment industry. Andrew was a founder of and serves as the Chief Creative Officer for iR3 Creative Engineering. He was also a key contributor in design of the Modulox line of modular gearboxes. Andrew has been in or volunteering for FIRST since 1999, making him one of the most senior members on the team. He is extremely active in FTC in Florida and is a mentor on FRC 233, the Pink Team. He also serves as a volunteer and game announcer for the South Florida Regional.


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