Meet the George

My name is George Wallace, and I’m happy to be contributing to the Ri3D Network. I’ll be doing my best to provide strategic insights for the blog.

My credentials aren’t quite up to the level of some of the legends building 3-day-robots this year, but one advantage of writing over video is that my special effects budget is way higher…

(Cue John Williams-esque score and dramatic, scrolling text)

A long, long time ago…

This 2014 FRC season will be my 17th. I started my FRC career as a student on FIRST Team 180 S.P.A.M. in 1998. I graduated high school and continued with the team as a college mentor through 2002. In 2003 I moved to Orlando, FL, and helped start FIRST Team 1083 Team Emoticons. I worked with them until they dissolved after the 2005 season. In 2006 I helped start FIRST Team 1902 Exploding Bacon from Orlando, and I worked with them through 2008. Since moving back back to Stuart, FL in 2009, I’ve been once again involved with S.P.A.M.

Over the years I’ve been a human player, a drive coach, and a game announcer. I’ve been a scouting lead, designed scouting systems, and analyzed the data that’s come from them. I’ve won some pretty epic matches behind the glass, and I’ve lost some huge ones, too.

A glimpse of what’s to come

Overall, the heart of my FRC experience has always been strategy. My job as a strategist, what I try to teach my students, and some of what I hope to share with our readers is the following:

  • breaking a game down into its basic elements,
  • weighing and prioritizing those elements,
  • helping the design team evaluate their designs and how they accomplish the game elements,
  • knowing the rules,
  • knowing the trends and opinions of the FIRST community worldwide and in your region,
  • developing a system of data collection and analysis for events,
  • developing a winning strategy for any given match,
  • communicating your goals effectively with alliance members,
  • augmenting your strategy with input from your alliance to come up with a unified plan,
  • honest self-assessment,
  • and victory dances.


Of course, I usually outsource the victory dances to Mike T. Walker.


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