Meet Team Indiana

Spawned from the 2014 team AndyMark with new added friends, this is most of Team Indiana’s first year participating in Robot in 3 days.  With thirteen full-time members and more than 130 years of participation in FIRST, Team Indiana powered by AndyMark and Corn is hoping to have an exciting three days!

Let’s meet the team:

Danny, Team Organizer:

Danny Intro

Danny is a mentor for 1529 and an AndyMark Design Engineer.  He started on team 1259 from Pewaukee, WI and once talked Andy Baker into giving him a sweatshirt at IRI.

Renee, Technical Processing & Information Disbursement:

Renee Intro
Renee is the executive director for IndianaFIRST.  She started on team 1675 from Milwaukee, WI and she created the FIRST Fundraising Toolkit

Nick, Mechanical Engineer:

Nick Intro
Nick is a mechanical engineering intern at AndyMark and he mentors 3940.  He started on team 1503 from Niagra Falls, ON and is a legal alien.

Lydia, Machine Jocky:

Lydia Intro
Lydia is an FRC volunteer.  She started on team 2252 from Milan, OH and Dean Kamen once voluntarily hugged her.

Brett, Social Media Manager:

Brett Intro
Brett is an AndyMark employee.  He started on team 1529 from Indianapolis, IN and he attended over 15 events last year.

Charlie, Engineer:

Charlie Intro
Charlie is a mentor for 1747.  He started on team 1741 in Greenwood, IN and he convinced Andy Baker to provide a robot ring bearer for his wedding.

Betsy, Technical Processing & Information Disbursement:

Betsy Intro
Betsy is a mentor for FRC 1747. She started on team 1741 in Greenwood, IN and she demanded to have a robot ring bearer for her wedding.

Logan, Controls Engineer:

Logan Intro
Logan is one of the head refs in Indiana. He started on team 461 in West Lafayette, IN and he drove the robot ring bearer for Charlie and Betsy’s wedding.

Maggie, Social Engineer:

Maggie Intro
Maggie is a key FIRST supporter in Indiana. She was adopted on to team 1747 in West Lafayette, IN and she is the most talented baby wrangler on this side of the Wabash.

Ben, The Boss:

Ben is the assistant to one of the head refs in Indiana. He is a future FIRSTer but spends his time visiting FIRST events and assisting with refereeing in his ref onesie.


Jacob, Mechanical Engineer:

Jacob Intro
Jacob is a mechanical engineering intern at AndyMark. He started on team 79 in Tarpon Springs, FL and misses the sun.

Rick Pease, Controls Engineer Intern:

Rick Intro
Rick is a mentor for 3940 and a software engineering intern at AndyMark. He started on team 2337 from Grand Blanc, MI and races power wheels.

Liz Smith, Content Manager:

Liz Intro
Liz is a 3940 mentor, AndyMark employee, and master FTA. She started on team 555 from Montlair, NJ and is the best FTA in the world.

Jon Kentfield, Part-Time Prototyper:

Jon Intro
Jon is the newest AndyMark employee, having moved to the state of Indiana two weeks ago. He started on team 173 from Vernon, CT and has been involved with FIRST for 15 years.

Don’t forget, Keep Calm and Robot On!

Team Indiana




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