Meet Andy Grady

Hello Everyone!

It has come to my attention that kickoff is today and there is this little thing going on called Robot in Three Days.  Naturally, as someone who is always starved for attention, I had to find a way to be involved.  Whereas I have absolutely zero engineering talent, my best bet was to do what I excel at…talking…alot.

So, with that, let me introduce myself to you.  I am Andy Grady and this is my (eek) 20th year in FIRST.  I started out my journey as a student with Gael Force, team 126 where I spent four years as an annoying teenager learning the ways of what makes science and technology cool.  From there, I went to college at Daniel Webster College through a scholarship obtained through the program.  I used that opportunity to play pool and mentor PARTS, team 42.  Shortly thereafter I obtained my degree in Electromechanical Technology in which I mentored Gael Force (for multiple years) as part of my final project for the degree.  In 2005, I moved up to New Hampshire to take a job with Public Service of New Hampshire, a subsidiary of Northeast Utilities.  While here, I hooked up with CHAOS, Team 131 and I have been a steady mentor with them ever since.

Along with mentoring, I have taken on many volunteer positions.  The role I am most known for is game announcer, which is great because I get a front row seat to the action, and I get to scream loud noises into a microphone. (No, seriously…go and google “2007 FIRST Robotics Boston Regional Finals Match 3“, I’m really that awful.)  This is where my usefulness for the Ri3D Network comes in.  Due to the unusually large number of matches I have witnessed in my time, and my brain’s ability to remember silly facts, I have a vast mental database of match history, strategies, and game breakdowns to share with the world.

Lastly…I am going to have a ton of time on my hands due to a shoulder injury that I suffered due to pitching in Wiffleball.  Sadly, this is not a joke.  As a result, just to impress you, the fans of Ri3D, I will share my vast knowledge with you using only one hand.  I know you are impressed.

Good luck and Happy Kickoff Day to all!

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