Gearing up for Recycle Rush

Welcome to `Snow Problem’s Robot in 3 Days blog! We are mainly comprised of college students from the University of Minnesota with help from a few alumni friends. Like the name suggests, our goal is to build a robot in three days rather than in six weeks. We will be broadcasting everything and keeping up to date on our social media. To stay informed with all that we do in this short time frame, follow us onTwitterFacebook, and YouTube, and check out our live stream.

Recycle Rush Manual

For your convenience, here is the Recycle Rush game manual. We printing it and updating it as rule clarifications and rule changes arise. The password is R3C3CL3RU$H2015.

Recycle Rush Scoring

We put together a spreadsheet detailing the scoring breakdown.

Recycle Rush Q&A

Visit the Recycle Rush Q&A if you have any questions, chances are someone else is thinking about the same things you are. The Q&A will be live on Wednesday the 7th of January.

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