FIRST Impressions

With Kickoff over and the 2015 FRC season now underway, the members of `Snow Problem have some mixed emotions about Recycle Rush. Several members are noting a shift in FIRST and are excited for what this means for Recycle Rush and future games. Currently, the main concerns are in regards to bumpers, field size, and defensive strategies, or lack there of. To hear more about the initial impressions, watch the video below.

The members of `Snow Problem have put together some resources to help teams get a start on this years game. All of these resources can also be found in the Resources tab.

2015 Recycle Rush Game Manual

If you haven’t looked at the manual yet, here it is! Make sure you read it thoroughly as it is crucial in deciding on strategies. The password is R3C3CL3RU$H2015.

Live Stream

Keep up to date with what `Snow Problem is up to and check the live stream!

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