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Haxored But Baxored

We were hacked but we are back! As Taylor Swift says.. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate and malware...

Failure is an option

This year was our second year of the Robot in 1 Weekend challenge where we work to build an FTC robot, as the name implies, in one weekend. For this event we try our hardest, as always, to use the tools and resources that we feel most FTC teams have. This means we are building in a house with a garage, some hand tools and limited power tools. Through our gracious sponsors and local teams we are able to kit out with a bunch of parts to try and make this happen. Last years robot worked well and we were happy with it, even having a team make it to the world championship on a robot evolved from what we did. This year didn’t go as well, you might even say we failed.

Build Update!

Check out our build progress update!  

Build Update 2!

Check it out! Ellie picked up her first set of totes with a recycle bin! She is growing up so...